Welcome To my world

Man putting on jacketand a bold tie with glasses on

My name is Chenwi Eugene. I am from Cameroon, a country in west Africa. I am a self-taught web developer with some computerscience knoledge. I enjoy using computational thikng to come up with step-by-step solutions to problems. I also enjoy team work and I am alwas ready to learn. It has not been long that I got in to the tech industory. I studied civil engineering and ended half-way with a high school diploma.

This is me in my old field

For the time that I have been in the tech world, I believe that I have found the best fun-filled career and just like the best people who have been in the field for quite some time now, I want every single project that I work on to be more than just what the Client askes for, to satisfy the client to the fullest.

I am pasionate about everything I engage myself in and I always love producing the best posible results with my best efforts. I strongly beilieve in honesty because it builds trust which is one of the most valuable asserts one can have.
I am currently building a project called MAfriculture. I am the founder of this project.
Work with me let's bring your ideas to life